Happy National Pizza Day

Happy National Pizza Day 2019

Pizza is my favourite food, I wish it was a healthy superfood I could survive off forever I really do. If I could just choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life it would be pizza……..or roast spuds and veganaise, it’s a close call.

Rosemary roast spuds in my dads tin bowl equals perfection.

When I first went vegan I missed my Saturday night takeaway treat of greasy pizza delivered to my door that inevitability tasted of the box it came in. I needed to find alternatives and fast!

Here’s my recipe for perfect pizza dough you can make at home and get the kids involved with too.

For the base (makes four)

450g plain flour

7g (one small sachet of active yeast)

240ml warm tap water

2 tablespoons oil

Pinch of salt

It’s loads easier to do this in a mixer but I’ve also tried by hand and it works just as well and gives your arms a dam good workout too.

Pop the dry ingredients into your mixer and stir to combine.

Add the water and oil and combine to form a dough using your hands or the normal mixer attachment.

Now it’s time to knead. Either by hand or once you’ve popped the dough hook on your machine, knead for approximately 15 minutes. Cover the bowl with cling film and let it rest, it should double in size. After about an hour knock it back, so knead it again for another minute or so. Re-cover and leave for another hour.

Your dough is then ready to shape. Using a floured surface roll out your bases to whatever shape and thickness you prefer and pop them onto baking trays.

For the toppings – I use a passata with basil for a base, the Asda Free From Cheddar cheese finely grated and my favourite toppings are:

Red onion, peppers, sweet corn, pineapple (controversial I know), cherry tomatoes and also if I have it in I love to throw a bit of the Vivera Pulled Veggie (pulled pork style meat sub) on too.

The sign of a true pizza fan…….an oven in your garden 🤦‍♀️

The kids aren’t very adventurous with their toppings, Beau will venture a bit of sweet corn and Skye is a cheese and tomato girl all the way.

I always drizzle with a bit of oil to encourage the dairy free cheese to melt, the Asda one is pretty good to be honest but some of the ones we’ve tried you could take them on a visit to the sun and it would return in the same stubborn, solid state it departed in.

Save some dough to make a garlic bread too with your own garlic butter!

I lump some dairy free spread into a bowl and add plenty of crushed garlic, chopped fresh flat leaf parsley, salt and pepper and mix well, spread liberally over your dough.

Cooking time varies depending on amount of toppings and thickness of base. As a general rule I check after 15 minutes and take it from there.

And if you simply can’t be arsed………save this for another day and grab one of my favourite off the shelf/takeaway favourites to enjoy at home. These are:

Kirsty’s Margarita Pizza – Found in the free from freezers in Tesco.


Morrison’s Free From Margarita Pizza – Found in the Free From fridges.


Asda’s create your own – just ask for the vegan cheese and add as many veggie toppings as you fancy.


Pizza Express Takeaway – a pricier option so an occasional treat for us which the kids try to pin achievements on to make us buy it for them…….”mum we’ve been good for five minutes please can we get pizza express tonight”.


There’s a whole other blog post I can dedicate to eating out when it comes to pizza and next on my list to try will be a lovely local Glossop pub called The Oakwood, they have a wonderful vegan menu and have added vegan pizzas that look completely delicious. I will be sure to review ASAP 🌱❤️


Enjoy pizza fans


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