About House of Herbivores

House of Herbivores is a vegan family blog site ran by me….Emma Blake, mum to two mini vegans Beau and Skye and wife to Matt who lets just say doesn’t like labels but will not eat meat at all and at home only eats plant based foods. My mum has also moved in with us and has been a life long meat eater but she is fully embracing the vegan life, Marley is my number one critic too, if a recipe gets the Marley approval you know its yummy.

I love all things cruelty free including what we eat, beauty and household products and clothing too.

I’m an ex forensic science lecturer turned vegan cook turned blogger……..Yes I do love a career change, I wonder if I will ever decide firmly what I want to be when I grow up but at the age of 35 I really should settle on something imminently shouldn’t I?

I have Pancolitis, a form of Ulcerative Colitis which means it has spread throughout my bowel (oh the joys) and back in 2015 I found that switching to a plant based diet along with immunosuppressive therapy helped my condition and ultimately I got my life back after a long period of being housebound.  My body wasn’t happy with this new constant I had found so every so often it decides to reject my medication and flare again so currently I am not on any prescribed therapy, just my probiotics. I’m unsure what the next plan of action will be but will update my page when I know more. The main focus of my blog is not about my illness but its such a big part of my life I’m sure it will crop up now and again.

My blog is all about being a vegan mum, sharing the recipes my kids enjoy, vegan friendly places to visit and eat out, reviewing products and restaurants and offering support to any transitioning families out there whether they are choosing to reduce their meat and dairy intake or go full vegan right here right now.  

Please feel free to email me with any enquiries, questions or suggestions for content you would be interested in. For more information about my journey to veganism please take a look at my first blog, my welcome post.

Thanks so much for visiting and if you like what you see please feel free to share and sign up to my email notification and like my social media pages.

Em x

We cant forget Jim and Betty too, our gorgeous family dogs and everyone’s best pals.